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Now Available:

Special Exclusive Edition from HyLitRadio

Makes a great Gift


The Hy Lit Story 2nd Printing. All Pages Completely laminated Edition. Chris Wheeler (Philadelphia Phillies Color Announcer) dedicating opening page. Plus 3 new additional opening pages.
A Treasure Trove of Rare and Exclusive, Fully Illustrated, Stunning Photographs, And Memorabilia from Hy's Illustrious Radio Career. 2 Decades Starting from the Dawn of Rock & Roll.
Plus, True Stories from Behind the Scenes.
Available from
Ultimate collectors item for family & friends. The Hy Lit Story is available now in it's limited Exclusive printing.

More about inside Philadelphia radio stations and inside the record business, and how Hy spawned the culture and medium beyond racial, neighborhood and technological lines that reverberate to this day.

Available only from HyLitRadio. $24.99 + $4.95 Shipping & handling. Contact: Carmella Astrella

For Sales

The Hy Lit Story

Hy Lit

The Hy Lit Collectors Series CD's Vol.s 1-12!
All Volumes include Rare Air Checks From
Many of the Stations Hy Worked At.
  • Volume 1 Includes The Hy Lit Beatles Interview
  • Volume 2 Includes Charlie O'Donnell, Bandstand, Famous Game Show Announcer, Awards Show Announcer
  • Volume 3 Includes Al Albert's, Singer, TV Host, Broadcast Pioneer Legend
  • Volume 4 Includes Hy Lit in Studio, off air material,
  • Volume 5 Includes Hy Lit Air Checks & Tom Lamain WOND
  • Volume 6 Includes Hy Lit Air Checks
  • Volume 7 Includes Hy Lit Air Checks
  • Volume 8 TBA
  • Volume 9 The Entire Final Week of WIBG Part 1
  • Volume 10 The Entire Final Week of WIBG Part 2 (CD collector set)
  • Volume 11 The Entire Final Week of WIBG Part 3 (CD collector set)
  • Volume 12 The Entire Final Week of WIBG Part 4 (CD collector set)
  • Individule Volumes are $9.99 per CD (Vol 8 - 12 not available for individual purchase.
    The Purchase for the entire collector set delivered in it's entirety is $79.99
    Carolyn Travis

      Hi Sam, I just started reading The Hy Lit Story it. I'm not from Philly, but I remember listening to Hy and WIBG every summer in Wildwood. I was listening to the CD in my car today, and when I got to the last day of Wibbage I was almost in tears. I don't think anyone could have done that show like Hy....and no one could have done it better. Thanks for all your efforts to keep keep those great years alive. I'm proud to have been able to include Hy in my doc,  "Airplay".

    Rod Carson

      Rod wrote: "Well done Sam!"

    John Brown

      Got mine today and love it already!! If you lived in Philly during the late 50's and 60's this is a must read. As I was reading, it felt like I was sitting across from Hy at a pub over beer as he told me his story. The pictures and the stories with them were just outstanding. Looking forward to part 2. Thanks for the memories.

    When I was a kid I would listen to Hy Lit on WIBG at night on a transistor radio. My dad would tell me to turn it off and go to bed. I would plug in the earphone and went under the covers. Why am I telling you this? last night I was in bed listening to Hy Lit Radio on my iPod in bed and it just brought back a lot of memories. Like then I would fall asleep with the earphone still in my ear and wake up the same way. Nothing has changed, I did the same thing last night. Thanks Sam!!

    Mel Klawansky

       Sam, I got the book and CD in the mail today. FANTASTIC!!! Way more than I expected. Thank you for making this available to Hy's fans. I grew up listening to your dad and when I became friends with him later in life, at WOGL, it was one of the thrills of my life. This book if filled with information that brings back so many good memories of my childhood and more. GREAT JOB!!!!

    Thanks again,
    Mel Klawansky
    Master Control Operator

    See pictures of SherJane, (above) One of the Original Permanent Go-Go Dancers on the Hy Lit TV Show originally broadcast Live Saturday's @ 6:30pm and then replayed the next day (Sunday Morning) @ 10:30am in Philly, WKBS TV.
    The Hy Lit Show was also seen on all Kaiser Broadcast TV stations including.... Phila., Boston, Cleveland, Detroit, San Francisco. Gobs of Pictures of the TV show in the book especially SheriJane who by last count never missed one show in all of the 7 years on the show.

    Alan Berman

      Sam-Great Book. My copy just arrived along with the CD and I will be buying the other CD's as well as Part 2 of The Hy Lit Story on The Hy Lit Radio Website. I love Hy Lit Radio and thanks for keeping our music alive. I have heard Hy Lit on Airchecks and I only wish that I was able to get WIBG in NY and I was able to listen to Hy Lit Live back in the day.

    Dennis Binghamton

      Received and read. I like the fact that it is Hy himself telling the story, and sharing the mementos he had saved. Would have loved to hear more about Pomeroy. Looking forward to The Hy Lit Story Part 2, Hyski's Undergound on forward.

    Kevin Consolo

      Got My Book! Started reading it and just want to keep reading. As a DJ growing up I knew of the Legends of Radio. #1 was Hy Lit (Sam Lit). I didn't care what friends listened to I wanted to hear Hy!

    Kim Costigan Razzano

      Sam, we love the book and the CD is such a flashback, I had my parents in my car the other day and they didn't want to get out until the CD was over, really cool! Thanks so much

    Michael McDevitt

      This Book/ CD is Fabulous LUV it !

    Roy Eisner

    Sam. Good job, I love it. The CD really brings back memories.

    Fred Cilurso

       Sam, I received the book and CD today. Great job! Thank you for including the last hours of WIBG on the CD. It's a testament to your dad's talent that some 35 years later, a 40-something like me, with only fleeting memories of WIBG, was nearly moved to tears listening to Hy's presentation! Keep up the great work, I'm sure Hyski is smiling down from that DJ booth in the sky!

    Cool Bobby B

      The book is great and the CD rules!

    George Brusstar

      How great it is to start a Sunday by being told, "There's a package downstairs for you from Hy Lit Technologies"!!! Can't wait!

    Joseph Anthony
    Sam, I got the book the other day and enjoyed every page. Loved the CD as done right! I will be purchasing any additional CD's and books upon availability. Well done to all involved.

    Post your comments on Hy Lit Radio is The Sound of Philadelphia, on Facebook, and we may use them on the HyLitRadio Home Page.

    From: Helen Ianuzzi...
    I received your fabulous book on your dad on Friday. I am halfway through it and I love it.
    I sat down and listened to the CD today. How do I thank you for bringing me back to the most memorable part of my life? I loved WIBG so much. I was there on September 10, 1977 in my bedroom listening to your dad as Wibbage "died". Later on that night my friends and I went out to the 5100 Club (one of our favorite clubs). I danced for seven straight hours in high heels, in front of your dad and Joe Niagara. They never took a break and just moved from one turntable to the other. It was one of the best nights of my life. It was jam-packed crowded.
    I cried again as he explained the "old girl was dying" as I did in 1977. Ralph was listening to the CD, too and his eyes were filled with tears. Hy was so creative. Ralph truly loved your father, also. He said Hy was one of the warmest and sincerest people he had ever met and of course, I agree. He loved his music and his job and people and having fun and you just knew it.
    I loved the interview with the "Beatles". Again, I was there in the old Civic Center when they were here in 1964. Of course, your dad emceed the show and that is one of the reasons I wanted to go. They meant a lot to me and I will share this CD with my nephews. I introduced them to the Beatles and their music and they still love them.
    I loved the air checks and the fantastic music on the CD and on Hy Lit Radio such as Neil Diamond's "Thank the Lord for the Night Time". This isn't a record you hear every day and I love it.
    I also cried when your dad said he was so proud of you. What a fantastic tribute from your father. You did a phenomenal job on the book and the CD. He would love what you have done.
    I loved everything about the CD, the music, and the wonderful patter. Hy could make me laugh so hard and I always loved his poetry. I will listen to the CD again and again.
    I'm sure the book and the CD will be a fabulous success. I want to finish the book, (I'm taking my time and cherishing every word). Let me know where you want me to send a great review to Amazon or Hy Lit
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy both book and CD. I will cherish them always.
    Take care and best wishes,
    Helen Ianuzzi

    Send us your letters!

    From: Jack Casey
    Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 5:15 PM
    Subject: HyLitRadio

    Hi Sam,

    In reading All Access today, I noticed with particular interest the signing of Charlie Tuna to host the morning show at HLR. I believe this is a significant development in the evolution of Internet Radio. In the radio programming class I teach at Emerson, the most f.a.q. is "Can I have a successful career in internet radio?" Until now, my answer has been "not yet" because the medium hasn't been sufficiently monetized. I have a sense the balance is beginning to shift and this is encouraging.

    I am very impressed by your overall presentation on HLR, both the audio stream and the visual appeal of the website. I love listening to the Pam's jingles almost as much as the music (which is really well programmed). Even the processing is a step up from the usual mp3 quality audio. You have the best internet stand alone (stations) I've heard to date.

    Let me know if you would like to do a Skype interview some time to talk with my class about HyLitRadio. I think you're really on the cusp of something huge and I would like our kids to hear about it from the inside.

    Best in 2013,

    Jack Casey
    General Manager
    WERS-FM Boston, MA


    From: John Sullivan
    Sent: Friday, September 28, 2012 12:26 PM
    Subject: Letters

    Hi Sam,

    I live in North Jersey. During the 1960's I lived in central Jersey where I could listen to WFIL, and to a lesser extent, WIBG. WFIL was my favorite station and I remember Hy Lit very well! You have really captured the old sound, and yet it is delivered in a fresh new way.

    As an AM DXer, I am grateful for the generous station ID's from all over the U.S. which you generously sprinkle throughout. I actually find I look forward to and pay attention to these old jingles. I am amazed you have so many different ones! I remember most of these stations!

    Using the Tunein app on my ipod touch, and playing Hy Lit Radio thru a Bose wave radio gives even greater fidelity than the old AM signals.

    Keep up the great work!

    -John Sullivan


    From: Tim Engleman
    Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 11:59 AM
    Subject: Great Radio

    Sam, I need to thank you for providing a wonderful listening experience - and congratulate you on masterful programming. HyLitRadio is the most enjoyable listening I have had since WFIL when I was in college at Lehigh in the late 60s.

    First, the music selection is great: a wide playlist, with a definite Philadelphia emphasis, yet many moments of "I never thought I would get to hear that again." The rotation is fresh and the sequencing inspired.

    The "production" ties it all together. The way the breaks, jingles and songs mesh is amazingly reminiscent of that superb tight format of WFIL. It can't be chance how the downbeat of an element hits at exactly the right point of its predecessor.

    Thanks again for HyLitRadio - I love it out here, north of Pittsburgh - and its the only thing on my computer that my wife asks me to turn up louder.

    -Tim Engleman

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